“While entrepreneurs across the continent face a variety of constraints to starting, operating, and growing their businesses, the extent of the challenges facing female entrepreneurs is even greater,” said Hafez Ghanem, Vice President for the World Bank’s Africa Region. “By focusing on alleviating the specific constraints confronted by female entrepreneurs, governments can not only improve the business enabling environment, but also broaden the benefits of private sector development.”.

iventure Entrepreneurship Support

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world, with approximately 42% of the non-agricultural labor force classified as self-employed or employers. Yet most entrepreneurs are unable to grow their businesses beyond small-scale subsistence operations, impeding their contribution to poverty reduction and shared prosperity.
This is particularly so for women. As governments continue their efforts to improve the conditions for private investment, a focus on the specific constraints faced by women entrepreneurs can help maximize the returns to limited public resources and ensure the
benefits of private sector development are felt by everyone.

Our programs support each founder’s entrepreneurial journey by providing curriculum, community, and mentorship. During our 6 month fellowship, founders learn some of the key universals for starting and growing a company, negotiating a term sheet, developing a marketing strategy, and many other technical and non-technical aspects of leadership. We work closely with the top investors, mentors, accelerators, and founders in Uganda and the world to deliver a real world look into starting and growing a startup from the ground up. We foster a founder's culture and community to support them through our programs.

We believe that the combination of innovation & entrepreneurship is a viable career path and the solution to Africa's unemployment scourge. Our approach is through design thinking a scientific problem-solving process. The approach is human-centric and asks the question, “What’s the human need behind a product/method/process/service?” It’s central to entrepreneurs who want to generate bold and innovative ideas.  The design thinking process allows you to see your business through the eyes of the customer. It helps you to identify the customer’s desires and needs and how to productively create ideas to address them

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