iventure Hubs Without Walls

Startups in some of the rural communities we have worked face the challenges of high startup costs, difficulty in legally launching a business, poor business efficiency, few networking opportunities, little knowledge exchange, and lack of revenue.

  •  Limited information is available for the types of services available and how to access them – information usually spreads by word of mouth within casual communities so new information is hard to find.
     Expensive membership fees to gain access to the hubs and associations, or for specific training courses available, are restrictive. Many private innovation initiatives are not targeted at refugees, so there is no allowance or discount for them.
     Lack of time available to travel and attend activities – due to having several jobs or having to seek income.

1) To scale-up awareness about the opportunities that innovation hubs offer to youth through entrepreneurial and future fit / digital skilling.
2) Establishing community-based innovation HUBs in 8 locations namely

Specific Objectives:

1) To identify the students, organizations, and institutions through which the innovation hub initiatives can be mainstreamed
2) To identify cost-effective methods of mainstreaming innovation HUB initiatives in the communities.
3) To organize regional startup business coaching mentoring and judging completions annually for the HUBs without walls.
4) Based on objectives (1) and (2) develop mainstreaming guidelines
5) To scale-up awareness of the impact of technology and innovation on the economy.
6) To increase Hub participatory membership and raise awareness about the opportunities at HUBS.
7) To create a regional HUB portal where young people can engage in HUB resources 247.