Our team is composed of experienced proffessionals in information technology, Law, Engineering, Business Development ad Marketing.
With 20 year plus combined experience coupled with our closely knit passionate team, we have no doubt in our ability to exceed partner and  customer expectations.
Al Ananura
Al Ananura/Co Founder , MD /
Al as we fondly call him is the team leader is in charge of strategic planning, partnerships branch network mobilization, recruitment and staff welfare and any other duties delegated to him as he would say.
Mercy Kyobutungi
Mercy Kyobutungi/ Company Secretary & Manager /
Mercy keeps us out of trouble and on top of all our legal obligations. Mercy writes our proposals and report writing, in addition to developing and servicing stakeholder networks.
Grace Ankunda
Grace Ankunda /Administrator & Financial Manager /
Grace is in charge of all the money. If someone else tell you about our money don't believe them because Grace has all the answers. She is in charge of all our tax obligations and runway.
Sylvia Mutesi
Sylvia Mutesi/ PR Manager & Instructor /
Sylvia is our ships skipper , when she is on deck nothing can go wrong and if it does she is all over it rallying all the right resources to get it fixed.


Joan Asiimwe
Joan AsiimweBoard Member
Joan Asiimwe is the Technical Advisor : Innovative Financing for Urban Sanitation at GIZ Uganda.
Emmerson KyobutungiBoard Member
coming soon
TajhBoard Member
coming soon
RolandBoard Member
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