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iventure provides bespoke corporate innovation & technology services for companies of the future.

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iventure provides bespoke corporate innovation services for companies of the future.

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We facilitate organizations to foster a culture of cutting edge innovation.

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& Support.

iventure provides bespoke corporate innovation services for companies of the future.

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iventures mandate includes rewarding startup businesses that are making a difference.


Innovative Startup companies  continue  to outperform their more established corporate counterparts. In order to keep up,  it is mperative for established companies to embrace the corporate innovation model. Let us help you adopt the innovation through internal R&D, corporate innovation teams, in-house innovation labs, and external accelerator programs. Let us develop your innovation strategy today.


We design and implement technologies, and resource models to improve value-added activities in process redesign, software implementation and enhancement, tax-sensitized technologies, and change management. In addition Software as a Service (Saas) capabilities that help  businesses to strategically balance expansion, infrastructure, and mobility demands. Call us today for a free quote.


Our approach is through design thinking a scientific problem-solving process.  The design thinking process allows you to see your business through the eyes of the customer. It helps you to identify the customer’s desires and needs and how to productively create ideas to address them. Readmore

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” -DJT



About Us

iventure exists to remedy the unemployment scourge that a disproportionate number of youth and women face in the African context.
Our approach combines Entrepreneurship programs, new technology and innovation as catalysts for Committee transformation.
Over the last seven years, we have worked with reputable organizations including the American Refugee Committee, Danish Refugee Council, the United Nations Capital and Development Fund UNCDF, etc., and in 5 refugee settlements, 10 Universities, local communities across Uganda.
Find out how you can be a part of what we are doing to foster a culture of entrepreneurship as a viable wealth creation path.



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iventure provides innovation, technology and entreprise development services for individuals and Small and Medium Entreprises. 
Our forte is leveraging new technology for more effiecient business processes.

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